How long will it take for the new house to be deco

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The harm of common decoration pollution

formaldehyde began to be mainly manifested in abnormal smell, irritation (pungent, tears), allergy, and abnormal lung function. Long term exposure can cause various chronic respiratory diseases, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, colon cancer, chromosomal abnormalities of newborns, and even leukemia, causing memory and intelligence decline in adolescents

benzene, long-term inhalation of benzene can lead to aplastic anemia

ammonia, long-term exposure to low concentration ammonia causes laryngitis, hoarseness and pulmonary edema

tvoc, TVOC can cause dizziness, headache, sleepiness, weakness, chest tightness and other symptoms

how long will it take for the new house to be renovated

generally speaking, the incubation period of formaldehyde is about 3 to 15 years. After the decoration of the new house, ventilation should be maintained for at least half a year to make the indoor ammonia, benzene and other pollution within the acceptable range of the human body. If there are the elderly, children, pregnant women and other weak or physically sensitive people at home, it is best to consider moving in for about a year. Maybe some families use very environmentally friendly materials, and the formaldehyde concentration is slightly lower, so the time can be shortened accordingly. However, Xiaobian feels that for the sake of insurance, especially if there are weak people at home, you can ask a special formaldehyde detection team to detect and confirm that there is no problem in moving in

if conditions permit, the longer the ventilation time is, the better. In addition to ventilation, activated carbon and other methods can also be used to remove formaldehyde. (recommended reading: formaldehyde removal methods after home decoration)




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