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The so-called "excellent" refers to a group with high quality, high education, high salary and high requirements, paying attention to material quality and personality. They are artistic and fashionable. They require a low-key and elegant life. "Shi" refers to a certain level of professionals who live on their own expertise and strength, have rich experience, erudition and courtesy, enjoy the success of their career and the fun of society, and also enjoy their own private space. In other words, the group of "Youshi" pays attention to the delicate and emotional life, pursues the details of life more carefully, and is willing to better enjoy life in various elegant ways and find a suitable spiritual residence in material enjoyment. With the further segmentation of the market, the Youshi group has gradually been independent and formed its unique living habits and consumption characteristics. Based on this, Changsha Hongyang (Hongyang home accessories) set up the "Hongyang home decoration Youshi design private museum" in June 2010, aiming to create a more meaningful and high-quality exquisite Chinese life for the Youshi family with more professional design and services

recently, the new address of Youshi design private museum, which was originally located in Changsha Hongyang Yuanjialing store on Shaoshan North Road, Changsha, was moved to xinfurong store at Xinjian West intersection. Although the address has changed, the professional standardization of various services is better than that in the past

private Pavilion promises to provide more professional design and services to high-end Youshi customers. From consultation, reception to design and construction, Hongyang's best employees provide services, among which the design team of Youshi private Pavilion is the most attractive to customers. Seven chief designers, Chen Zhibin, Qu Tieqi, Liu Dingzhong, Zhang Gang, Zhu Wu, Li Xiaohui and Zhang Rui, have formed a strong design lineup of the private Pavilion. They always adhere to the concept of "high-end professional design", and conduct multi angle and deep-seated excavation to ensure the overall realization of the design that pays equal attention to unique creativity and clear themes. At the same time, designers pay great attention to the individual needs of customers in the design process, and take this as a design element before starting to design, so that the design truly achieves the efficient unity of "function", "space", "economy" and "culture", and truly reaches the height of leading the development trend of the industry. This group of experienced and award-winning design masters who also pursue perfection are like wise men who can understand customers' thoughts and outline their ideal perfect residence in a stroke. The complete functions, unique characteristics and novel innovations can always make people shine in front of their eyes, which is amazing

for high-end high-quality home decoration, it is not enough to rely solely on the professional skills of interior designers. Only when a series of other links, such as waterway, circuit, structure, heating, etc., reach high-end professional standards, can it be called a real high-end high-quality home decoration. In order to ensure that every design of the designer can be perfectly presented, the private enjoyment hall sent the chief super project manager to lead the experienced workers and masters to carry out the construction under the guidance of a series of process specifications, and strive to make every work perfect. If the designer is a wise man who understands the customer's mind, these excellent construction personnel are magicians who can turn corruption into magic. They work meticulously and excellently to show the customer's ideals and the designer's drawings in front of the customer. Everyone worked together to serve customers and help many Youshi realize their dream of a high standard and exquisite life

speaking of the relocation of the private enjoyment hall, song Huali, the manager of the private enjoyment hall, said: the original purpose of setting up the Youshi design private enjoyment hall was to create a platform for high-end Youshi to provide more professional and standardized services. In the past two years, the private enjoyment hall has enabled many Youshi to realize their dream of exquisite Chinese life through this platform. Now, the private pavilion has moved to the new Furong store, with a more spacious venue, a more beautiful environment, and more complete facilities. We will take this relocation as a new starting point and redouble our efforts in our future work, striving to realize the dream of exquisite Chinese life for more high-end elites




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