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Natural stone belongs to Antolini - yourong Italian home

now the merchants selling outside all have a popular saying: pure natural, pollution-free. This sentence is right on the point. We all like natural things. We think that pure natural things are very pure and beneficial to us without any chemical processing. To say stone, natural stone is Antolini

Antolini in Verona, Italy, is a leading innovative manufacturer of natural stones and a leader in the industry. Antolini was founded by Luigi Antonini in the 1950s. Its mission is to provide customers with distinctive and diverse stone colors and decorations. Decades later, his sons Alberto, Alessandra and Francesco inherited their father's ideas and continued to carry forward the tradition of manufacturing the most exquisite stone products

nowadays, Antolini has acquired new quarries all over the world. The company adopts the latest production technology and works with exclusive distributor partners to write a new historical legend for the brand

among thousands of stone products produced and manufactured by Antolini, signature stone series represents its promise to noble customers, and also embodies the company's purpose of giving life to excellent stone products

cutting stone and decorative stone: after selecting stones in the quarry, they will be transported to Verona, Italy for processing. Each stone has unique physical characteristics. However, it is not until the stone is cut that the beauty and value of the stone can be evaluated. Those stones with the best patterns and patterns will be selected and used in the signature stone product series

antolini adopts the latest technology and is based on the cutting edge of the industry of processing high-quality and exquisite natural stones. The company will continue to innovate and forge ahead with passion by producing products with innovative solutions and exploring new solutions for the stone industry





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