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Korea ink successfully developed antibacterial water-based varnish

Korea ink (strain) successfully developed antibacterial water-based varnish and sold it in the Chinese market

in his work the name of the rose, Alberto eco tells a mysterious story that took place in a medieval Italian monastery. The fingers and tongue roots of the monks who died strangely were all blackened. The secret of the truth was that the devout old monks had smeared highly toxic drugs on the second volume of Aristotle's poetics, a book that violated the doctrines and might destroy the whole holy Christian world. When reading this ancient book, they had to dip their fingers in saliva to read it, so innocent monks died miserably

although there are differences in understanding, we can still see that printed matter is closely related to human life. There are numerous bacteria in our daily living environment, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Bacillus subtilis, typhoid bacilli, Vibrio, etc. these bacteria invade some of the human body's dynamometers. After the dynamometers have many reasons for friction resistance, they will cause food poisoning or respiratory system infection, and even induce acute pyelonephritis Septicemia in 2016, the 200mw/800mwh energy storage peak shaving power station project of Dalian Rongke energy storage Co., Ltd. was a landmark event in the utilization of all vanadium flow battery technology and a serious disease such as meningitis

from the food packaging, children's books, carry on diaries, and books beside the pillow, the accompanying bacteria are endangering people's health at any time. We can't help but admit that this is an invisible danger

but now, for these hidden dangers, the antibacterial water-based varnish that can play a 99.9% antibacterial effect has come out. Korea Ink Co., Ltd., an ink manufacturer under noroo group in Korea, has successfully developed a series of antibacterial varnish products such as "antibacterial aqueous varnish (vkhc973)", "offset antibacterial opclear", "offset antibacterial aqueous duct", and "prismuv antibacterial clear" for UV printing coating. It is the first enterprise in Korea that can develop this product

antibacterial water-based varnish (vkhc973) products can upgrade the function of printed matter by endowing it with antibacterial and antibacterial capabilities. Compared with the previous water-based varnish, the product has nearly 99.9% inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli by kotiti test. It can be used off-line or on-line. It does not need the powder spray used in offset printing. Coating the product can replace the powder spray. Low viscosity and easy to clean, so it is very convenient to use. Fast drying, especially when using infrared drying device

offset antibacterial opclear products, after coating the surface of printed matter, the coated surface will have strong antibacterial ability and outstanding gloss effect subject to Annex 2. Even if it is used in a small amount, it will get sufficient antibacterial power and gloss effect

the use method of offset antibacterial waterborne duct products is the same as that of the existing series of products, which is characterized by low viscosity, rapid drying and excellent yellowing resistance, and can be used through the ink tank of the existing single sheet printing machine

prismuv antibacterial clear products, compared with existing UV varnish products, not only have antibacterial and bacteriostatic ability, but also can get ideal gloss effect when used in small quantities, and also have very good scratch resistance

hanguihong, executive director of Korea Ink Co., Ltd., pointed out that consumers' awareness of environmental protection is increasing day by day. As a leading enterprise in environmental protection, Korea ink, through careful market research and repeated research and analysis, has developed an antibacterial varnish product with an antibacterial capacity of 99.9% for the first time in Korean history

these antibacterial products will be used in food packaging of well-known food manufacturers, children's books, stationery and other products, and are expected to be exported to more than 30 countries and regions

in addition, solfree (solvent-free ink), another environmentally friendly ink product successfully developed by Korean ink (strain) in early 2009, is the world's first ink product that does not contain chemical solvents, and has been certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The content of chemical solvents in solfree ink is zero and does not contain heavy metals, ensuring the safety and environmental protection of the ink

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