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Korean media: the consumption of Korean robots ranks first in the world, but the industry still needs to make progress.

PP resin with low odor of hydrogen should be selected. According to South Korea's central newspaper, South Korea is the country that likes to use robots most. Based on the data at the end of 2017, in the robot density reflecting the number of industrial robots corresponding to every 10000 workers, the data of South Korea is 710, more than eight times the world average (85). Since 2011, South Korea has been ranked first in this statistics. However, the manufacturing technology of Korean robots still needs to be improved

it is reported that South Korea has become a big country in robot consumption. According to the 2018 World robot report released by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), South Korea sold about 40000 industrial robots in 2017, ranking the third in market size and the fifth in sales in the world (US $660million, about RMB 4.43 billion). The universal experimental machine has stable display, high precision and easy to use. Park Shang soo, a researcher at the Korea Industrial Research Institute, said that in the field of electrical and electronic industry, robots with simple operation and low price sell more, so they rank lower than sales

however, although Korea ranks first in the world in terms of robot utilization, it still has a long way to go in terms of robot manufacturing technology

due to the fragile environment of the robot industry, Korea has no robot professional enterprise that can compete in the world market. Due to the lack of professional enterprises, most of the core parts of robots in South Korea are imported. Therefore, the import value of robot parts in South Korea is more than four times the export value (subject to 2017). The low technical capacity of parts will naturally lead to the decline of the price competitiveness of robot products

the problem of talent shortage is even more serious. Most senior talents tend to work in large enterprises and even government research institutes. It is difficult for robot professional enterprises to recruit excellent talents. According to the fact finding results of the robot industry in 2017, 26.8% of robot enterprises said that the shortage of talents made it difficult for the company to make progress in technology research and development

some experts suggest that South Korea can strengthen the training of professionals by holding the international robot Olympic (IRO) competition and setting up robot professional schools

in addition, South Korea also needs to formulate supportive policies for the development of the robot industry. Researcher Park said: the robot industry can achieve great results only by supporting the source technology development and product commercial promotion at the same time. The government should take these characteristics into account when formulating support policies. Only in this way can South Korea be promoted from the first country using robots to a large country producing robots

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