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The Korean paper industry recovered its prosperity

strengthened cooperation with relevant departments

since the second half of last year, the Korean paper industry, which has been struggling to ensure that additives are released to the outside environment as little as possible within the service life of functional plastics, has begun to recover rapidly

according to the survey of six major paper mills conducted by the paper industry, the domestic demand market in South Korea began to recover from January this year, and the domestic sales volume increased month by month. In April, it reached 114000 tons, and the export also showed a trend of increasing month by month. In April, the export volume reached 85000 tons, and the increase in exports was mainly due to the increase in exports to China

with the increase of exports, the inventory of the paper industry has gradually decreased. Since the beginning of this year, the long pulse has gone away. The paper industry has stopped reducing prices, and the rate of return is also increasing. Relevant people in the paper industry believe that it is certain that the rate of return of paper enterprises will be greatly improved, but it will take some time for the paper industry to really recover

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