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South Korean police launched a general attack on the painting workshop of Ssangyong automobile

according to a local television station in South Korea, at 8:53 this morning, about 4000 South Korean police launched a general attack on about 500 riot workers entrenched in the painting workshop of Ssangyong automobile pingze headquarters factory

due to dissatisfaction with the restructuring and layoff plan after Ssangyong automobile entered the recovery process, since May this year, thousands of Ssangyong automobile employees who were fired by measuring the wear spots of three steel balls in the oil box began to occupy the Ssangyong factory, protesting the layoff plan of the management, and beating, scolding and attacking other employees who tried to return to work

in July this year, about 3000 South Korean policemen surrounded the pingze factory and gradually changed the production equipment to full automation, trying to drive away the troublemakers and resume normal production; However, the riot workers made their own fire spitting forklifts, screw steel cannons, super slingshots and other weapons; The police officers' attacks were repelled several times

From August 3 to 4, the South Korean police launched a new round of attacks and successfully occupied most of the plant area of pingze factory; The remaining 500 rioting employees were compressed in the painting workshop and were still fighting tenaciously

at present, a large number of combustible coatings are still stored in the coating workshop; Some workers threatened to burn the paint and die with the factory if they were attacked by the police here

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