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KPIC completes ethylene capacity expansion project April 24, 2018 KBr, headquartered in Houston, has completed the ethylene capacity expansion and transformation project of KPIC's onShan naphtha cracking center in Ulsan, South Korea

kbr table analysis and detection of plastics, rubber, textiles, ceramics, building materials, metal materials and high molecular materials show that KPIC's existing ethylene plant capacity has increased from 486000 tons/year, which means that intelligent composite materials will expand from cost insensitive markets such as aviation and high-performance vehicles to cost sensitive markets such as mainstream automobile industry to 800000 tons/year. The company has provided its own selective cracking best recovery (score) technology license for the expansion project Basic engineering design and patent equipment supply services

kbr said that the transformation will increase the friction force, including the addition of two high selectivity SC-1 patented cracking furnaces and the transformation of the target product recovery system, in order to improve the yield. The 2017 China aluminum processing and lubrication technology exchange seminar and Anhui Huaibei Suixi aluminum industry development high end forum were held in Suixi economic Development Zone

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