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American style is very popular in recent years, with clever color matching and unique design, showing a casual romance, which is particularly popular. Home decoration design Xiaobian also likes American decoration, which is fresh and romantic. People can feel the happiness of life everywhere. Presumably, many owners have the same idea as Xiaobian. Just as the cooperative company Jiangnan beauty decoration company has just completed a set of American style sample decoration model room, the following small series will be sorted out for everyone to enjoy

the living room uses simple household lines to broaden the view above, and the shiny leather sofa will not be too hot in hot summer

the simple tables and chairs in the restaurant are not decorated with too many patterns, but carefully observe the details of the chairs, which conforms to the ergonomic concave design and increases comfort

all kitchen utensils in the kitchen are placed against the wall, leaving a large area in the middle, which is convenient to operate and powerful. The Bronze Faucet is the finishing touch of the American style

the regular wall distribution and irregular furniture layout of the master bedroom are the expression of a casual life attitude, rough and atmospheric, natural and casual

the design of the old people's room is mainly gray and white, calm and solemn, and simple white furniture makes the life of the old more convenient

two beds are placed in the guest room, which is suitable for families with frequent family and friends. The TV with floating windows makes you feel at home

the study has been transformed into a home theater, which is the owner's pursuit of a variety of high-quality lives. You can enjoy high-end movie viewing effects at home

the wide mirror in the bathroom meets the needs of many people looking at the mirror at the same time. The round handle is comfortable to touch, and the inclined shower room twists and turns the visual space

American style is also unlimited in terms of house type. No matter whether you are a large house type or a small house type, you can try it. If you like it, come to the decoration bidding immediately. Just enter the decoration bidding page, fill in your name, phone number, community and other decoration information, and then you can participate in the bidding. The platform can select 3 to 4 suitable decoration companies to measure rooms for free according to your requirements, and formulate a quotation plan





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