Choose wallpaper or wallpaper for new house decora

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Do you choose wallpaper or wallpaper for new house decoration

choose wallpaper or wallpaper for new house decoration

first, from the perspective of material, environmental protection

wallpaper is usually produced from bleached chemical wood pulp, and then processed through different processes. In the final analysis, it is actually a kind of paper. The production of wallpaper requires cutting down a large number of trees, and the ink on the surface of wallpaper will also decompose into various toxic substances, resulting in poor environmental protection performance

the embroidered cloth layer of bulaimei wall cloth, whether the bottom cloth or embroidered thread, adopts high-grade polyester fabric for clothing, the back composite paper layer adopts high-grade raw pulp paper produced by imported natural wood pulp, and the middle is responsible for bonding EVA glue commonly used in shaping shirt collars, so as to achieve 100% green environmental protection

compared with polyester cloth, the result is self-evident

second, from the perspective of aesthetics

traditional wallpaper is printed with ink. After a long time of light irradiation, the color will fade, and the surface will also be dark and yellow. Traditional wallpaper adopts rolling spraying of waterproof and mildew proof liquid, which will not only spray unevenly, but also not spray on the back. The mildew resistance of wallpaper has fatal hidden dangers

the wallpaper will have a seam every few meters during the collage process, which will evolve into obvious traces over time, and it is easy to crack, and even cause problems such as edge warping and falling off, which greatly reduces the overall sense and beauty of the wall

bulaimei wall cloth absorbs the design style of the British royal family in pattern design, inherits Suzhou embroidery, the first of the four famous embroideries, and produces it in an industrialized way. The essence of Chinese and foreign art is integrated, and the noble luxury and exquisite beauty are expressed to the extreme

bulaimei wall fabric is produced continuously by four parties, which solves the problem of stitching and piecing, and truly achieves seamless splicing. A wall cloth extends all the space you need. Because polyester cloth is selected, its color fastness is very high, and the coloring temperature during production is more than 95 degrees, which is impossible to reach at room temperature, so the color is very stable

bulaimei wall cloth adopts full immersion waterproof and mildew proof treatment. The whole wall cloth is completely immersed in waterproof and toxin proof liquid, and then it is opened and shaped at a high temperature of 200 degrees. Therefore, bulaimei wall cloth has achieved the national standards of waterproof grade IV and mould proof grade I, and its waterproof and mould proof performance is very good

the polyester cloth selected for bulaimei wall cloth has good wear resistance and willfulness. In addition, it has been shaped at a high temperature of 200 degrees, which ensures the stability of the physical properties of the wall cloth. Within the normal service life, there will be no cracking and wrinkle problems, and the anti cracking and anti wrinkle performance is very good

due to the full immersion waterproof and mildew proof treatment, the nano blocker component in the waterproof and mildew proof liquid is evenly coated on the surface of the wall cloth, which greatly reduces the penetration of water and the adhesion and adhesion of dirt on the surface of the wall cloth. Therefore, the maintenance and care of bulaimei wall cloth is also very simple

the above provides a strong guarantee for the integrity and beauty of the wall. Obviously, bulaimei wall cloth is better than wallpaper

third, from the perspective of practicality as a whole

traditional wallpaper is not environmental friendly, and it is difficult to maintain beauty and tidiness for a long time due to its material and process. It needs to be replaced within 3-5 years. Although it is not difficult to replace, it is not practical in the long run

due to its high-quality environmental protection material selection and advanced and exquisite production technology, bulaimei wall cloth is much more environmentally friendly and beautiful than wallpaper. In addition, due to the embroidered pattern on the surface of bulaimei wall cloth, the concave and convex surface produces diffuse reflection to the sound wave, coupled with the absorption of the sound wave by the fiber gap of the wall cloth fabric, the sound absorption, silencing and sound insulation effect of the wall cloth is obviously better than that of the smooth wallpaper





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