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Aluminum alloy sliding door is a good partition design in the room. You can often see the existence of sliding door in the living room, balcony, restaurant and other places. How to clean the aluminum sliding door? Let's have a look:

try to use soft cloth to clean the aluminum sliding door, and use neutral detergent. When the aluminum alloy sliding door is pushed and pulled, if it encounters obstacles, remove the obstacles first, and then continue cleaning

when cleaning the aluminum alloy sliding door, do not step on the aluminum frame, so the sliding door is easy to be worn. Don't pull the door leaf as a support to avoid accidents. When you want to stand high and wipe, pay attention to protective measures

it is also convenient to clean the glass of the aluminum alloy sliding door. Wipe it with a rag and special detergent, and then dry it with a lint free towel. For the slight scratches on the glass surface, we can use a soft cloth with a little toothpaste to wipe it many times

the lower track of aluminum alloy sliding door is the easiest to accumulate dust. We can assemble a suitable dust collector on the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust, and then clean the lower track. To ensure the smooth use of sliding doors, dust should be cleaned regularly

you can also check its components and structures while cleaning the aluminum alloy sliding door, and replace the damaged parts in time. If necessary, add a certain amount of lubricating oil to the relevant parts to maintain the normal operation of the sliding door

these are the cleaning points of aluminum alloy sliding door. Regular cleaning can keep the sliding door flexible and prolong its service life. Suifu doors and windows are selected Aluminum alloy sliding door makes it beautiful and practical





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