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Printer output faults and solutions 6

18 What if characters are lost on the left or right of the page vertically

possible fault causes:

(1) the optical path is blocked; (2) The fusing sheath is damaged and displaced

general maintenance method:

(10 cm thick EPS thin plastering system 1 with oxygen index up to 30 and combustion grade B1 is burned to the bottom 1) find out the parts blocked by the light path and remove foreign matters

(2) the model adopts ceramic heating, because the heater is fixed and does not rotate, and the fusing leather cover is driven by the friction of the pressure rubber roller. If the paper with a width less than the width is often printed, the pressure at both ends of the cot is uneven, causing the fusing cover to move left or right, and the two ends of the cover are worn, so that the distance between the two ends is shorter than the fusing width. When the printing paper enters the heater, the toner images on both sides are adhered to the heater because there is no fusing cover, resulting in the loss of characters. Heating leather cover is not repairable. In this case, only a new leather cover can be replaced

19. What if the page character is not fixed firmly and the printing surface is rough

possible fault causes:

(1) low fusing temperature; (2) Insufficient pressure of the fusing cot; (3) The toner used does not match the model

general maintenance methods:

(1) the fixing temperature of the printer is controlled by the thermistor and the control circuit and is limited to 165 ~ 200 ℃. There is a slight deviation in the fixing temperature of different models

when the thermistor is in poor contact with the fusing roller or is damaged, the fusing temperature cannot meet the fusing demand, and the toner cannot be fully melted and infiltrated into the paper, but adheres to the surface of the paper and is very rough. Connect both ends of the thermistor with a multimeter first, and then contact the thermistor with a heat source (electric iron or finger). If the meter needle does not move or quickly swings back to a very small resistance value, it means that the thermistor user can switch to use it as required; If the resistance is damaged, replace the thermistor

(2) if the fusing temperature meets the standard, check the pressure of the pressure rubber roller. If only partial fixing is not firm, the pressure rubber roller may be damaged. Adjust the rubber roller pressure or replace the rubber roller

(3) the toner used does not have the right melting point and cannot be fully melted during fixing, which infiltrates into the printing paper, resulting in poor fixing. At this time, the corresponding type of toner should be used

20. What if the printed characters appear hollow

possible fault causes:

(1) the printing materials used do not meet the requirements; (2) The toner model is inconsistent; (3) The fusing roller temperature is too high

general maintenance methods:

(1) if the substrate is a film or transparent film, it is normal for the characters to appear hollow due to the electrostatic phenomenon and poor film absorption of the film and transparent film. You can replace another film or transparent film and try it by the expert review panel. If paper is used, there may be impurities in the printing paper. Try changing the printing paper

(2) the toner used does not conform to this model. The polarity between charged electrons of toner repels. There is more toner at the edge of characters and less in the middle, resulting in hollow. Replace the toner

(3) there is a fault in the fuser or the fusing hot roller is damaged, the fusing temperature on the surface of the hot roller is too high or the fluorine film on the surface of the hot roller is worn, and part of the toner adheres to the heating roller during fusing, making the characters hollow. If this is the reason, the fault phenomenon should appear regularly, and there is still light anti printing ink in the hollow. In addition, there is waste powder or dirt on the surface of the thermistor, which reduces its thermal induction performance and also increases the temperature of the fusing hot roller. Check the fusing temperature control circuit or replace the fusing roller

21 What about the pollution on the back of the printing paper

possible fault causes:

(1) the paper path of the printer is polluted by toner; (2) The pressure rubber roller in the fusing assembly is contaminated

general maintenance methods:

(1) turn off the printer power and clean the paper path with a wet cloth. Note: do not start the machine immediately after cleaning, and do not start printing until it is dry to avoid electric leakage

(2) for machines that print for a long time and often perform double-sided printing, it is necessary to clean the pressure rubber roller frequently, because the original toner image of the printing paper will melt and adhere to the pressure rubber roller during the second printing, and then pollute the back of the printing paper. The solution is to open the fusing component and clean the surface of the cot with detergent or silicone oil. Note: do not use hard objects or solvents for cleaning to avoid damaging the rubber roller

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