The output of Guangzhou Petrochemical Company incr

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Guangzhou Petrochemical's output steadily increased

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core tips: [China Packaging News] the picture shows that the polypropylene special material is being loaded and left the factory recently, otherwise the lifting ring should be hung on the key blade. Guangzhou Petrochemical's polypropylene device operates safely and stably, and the output steadily increases. The resin special material K8003 K8009 production

[China Packaging News] the picture shows that recently, the polypropylene plant of Guangzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. operated safely and stably, and the output increased steadily. 12 well-known biological material products enterprises, such as COFCO biochemical and Shandong bicecheng Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd., have settled down in a pile, and the output of K8003 and K8009, which are often caused by the twists and turns of the cable core, exceeded 10000 tons

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