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The outer walls of the floors of No. 1 community in Luoyang are covered with "patches" of waterproof paint

the outer walls of the floors of No. 1 community in Luoyang are covered with "patches" of waterproof paint

October 17, 2014

[China paint information] "our community is simply a" patch community " On the 16th, Luoyang City has no other material to replace the important position of EPS board in the thermal insulation market. Residents of Shuimu Jinghua community in Longqu district called to report that the walls of several owners in the community were leaking to varying degrees. Each of the 12 buildings in the community had multiple repair marks of different sizes on the external walls, and the walls were covered with "patches". Later, I visited the community under such circumstances

on site | the external walls of many residential buildings in the community were covered with "patches"

16. In the morning, I came to Shuimu Jinghua community located at the intersection of Kaiyuan grand quality superior road and Yingzhou road. I visited the community and found that there were 12 buildings in the community. The external walls of the community were decorated with yellow and brown tiles. Almost every building 1~9 had been repaired, and the cracks in some repaired areas were clearly visible. Among them, the exterior wall repair of buildings 2, 3 and 8 is particularly obvious. In front of Building 2, we saw that the external walls of the building were painted with "faces", and the external walls of the second, third and fifth floors were basically filled with dark gray repair marks

"our community can be renamed 'patch community'. It will suffer when it rains. The East and west walls of the house are always leaking." Said Ms. ye, a resident of unit 4 of Building 8. Then, in Ms. Ye's home, I saw that there were 5 water seepage traces in the house of more than 100 square meters, which were all over the living room, bedroom and balcony. The wallpaper at the water seepage place had already turned black and yellow

it is reported that Ms. Ye is not the only one with problems. The residents of several buildings such as No. 5, No. 7 and No. 8 in the community have seen traces of water leakage. At the same time, many owners reported that the wall leakage of the community has been repaired many times, but it has not been completely solved

response | "patch" refers to the waterproof coating used to repair the external wall

it is understood that Luoyang Shuimu Jinghua property service center is responsible for the community. A staff member said that buildings 1~9 in the community were handed over in May 2009 and buildings 10~12 in 2010. At present, more than 600 residents are living in the community. 1. The operating procedures of wire rod changing laboratory machines. After the delivery of the house, cracks appeared in the painting layer of the exterior wall thermal insulation paint of some buildings. The property management contacted the construction party to repair it with waterproof paint, so the exterior wall now looks "ugly"

as for the water leakage in the residents' homes, the staff member said that at present, there are about 20 residents registered. As the warranty period of the houses has expired, the property is contacting the maintenance team and applying for the use of the maintenance fund. After the funds and personnel are in place, they will make their own plans according to the different problems of the residents

in addition, the situation of residential buildings in buildings 10-12 has also been reflected to the developers and construction parties. The staff of Luoyang Binjiang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., the developer of the community, said that at present, the construction party has been contacted, and the repair work is being intensively prepared, and the completion time of the preparation is still uncertain

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