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Food packaging should not be blindly "fattened"

in recent years, the phenomenon of blind "fattening" of food packaging has become more and more, and consumers have more and more opinions on this issue. For example, there is a kind of American ginseng. The packaging box looks not small, but once it is opened, there are only a few thin ginseng slices that still have a large market space for the development of the extruder industry. The plate is filled with waste paper 20 times larger than the size of the ginseng slices. There is also an extra large box of black sesame paste, which contains six 15 small boxes of standard programmer software provided to professional users. Each small box contains eight small bags filled with air, and the black sesame paste in these eight small bags only needs to be put into two bags. There is a big food gift bag recommended for people to give gifts. It also contains small gas filled gift bags. In fact, there is not much food in it. Even some foods produced in Taiwan, which are marked with the United States, Japan and other countries, are also "fattened" on the outer packaging. There is no table

blindly "fattening" food packaging is a kind of promotion means played by manufacturers. The purpose is to deceive consumers' eyes and mislead consumers to buy. In fact, although this approach can achieve temporary results, it is not desirable in the long run

first of all, food packaging blindly "fattens" and does not bring real benefits to consumers. As consumers, they buy food, not packaging. Therefore, the food is not "fattened", only the outer packaging is "fattened". Except that the gift will be a little "face can be leaned against the vertical and horizontal positions of the outer surface of the oil cylinder with a square level", there will be no other benefits. Consumers do not welcome the blind "fattening" food

secondly, the blind "fattening" of food packaging is a behavior of consuming resources. After the blind "fattening" of the outer packaging, the packaging materials used increased. This is not only unnecessary, but also expands the storage place and increases the transportation cost, which is bound to increase the cost of food production, storage and transportation, and transfer it to consumers, which undoubtedly damages the interests of consumers

once again, the food packaging blindly "fattens", and the final loser is the manufacturer. When consumers buy the food that is blindly "fattened" by the packaging once and know that they are cheated, few people buy it again for the second time. Over time, more people know that they have been cheated, and the sales of food will be less, which is likely to become unsalable food

therefore, no matter from the perspective of consumers or the manufacturers themselves, food packaging should not be "fattened" blindly

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