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The output growth rate of national packaged drinking water has been more than 25% for three consecutive years

the latest data rectangular sample of China Beverage Industry Association shows that the output growth rate of national packaged drinking water has been more than 25% for three consecutive years, three percentage points higher than that of the whole industry, and the market share in 2011 was as high as 41%. With the rapid development of packaged drinking water, concept marketing has become a conventional means for water enterprises to sell. However, it has also been found that some good water has also taken the opportunity to enter the drinking water market and cut the high-end drinking water cake with its advantages

no matter what kind of water is the most important for safety

China's packaged drinking water has only developed for more than 20 years. According to Luo Tan, President of Guangdong bottled (barrel) Water Association, bottled (barrel) water is currently a product with high safety in drinking water. He also revealed that although the packaged water in Guangdong is also developing rapidly, it is estimated that the entry rate of bottled water is less than 40%, which also means that the packaged water has great potential in the market with a value of more than 10 billion yuan, which will also provide inexhaustible development power for the extruder industry

there are too many packaged water items in the market. I don't know how to choose! Mr. Wang is a car owner who often runs business outside. He keeps several boxes of bottled water in the carriage all the year round, but the concepts of bottled water make him at a loss

there are not a few consumers who are equally confused with Mr. Wang. Some consumers think that these so-called nutritious water and healthy water are really nutritious? If it has health care function, is it suitable for infants, the elderly and people with diseases

during a recent visit to the market, it was found that there are a wide range of packaged water on the market. In addition to pure water, mineral water, mountain spring water, natural water, etc., which are well known to consumers, there are also small molecule group water, snow mountain water, glacier water, etc., and the price is often twice or even several times higher than that of bottled water of ordinary water

in this regard, zhaoyali, chairman of China Beverage Industry Association, introduced in an interview with the media that currently the packaged drinking water in the market mainly includes two categories: one is natural water and natural mineral water; The other is synthetic water, mainly pure water and mineral water. At present, product standards have been formulated for purified water and mineral water respectively, while other packaged drinking water has different standards due to different quality

the person in charge of a large water enterprise in Guangdong added that at present, Guangdong local standards have also been formulated for mountain spring water, one of which is that mountain spring water must be marked with the mountain range and clearly displayed on the label

small molecule group water has attracted the attention of the industry because of its high permeability, high solubility, high diffusivity and weak alkalinity, and the scarcity of water sources. It is also a cake in the drinking water market with the image of high-end water

drinking water does not need to pursue high added value

relevant surveys show that at present, the population consuming bottled (barrel) drinking water in China accounts for more than 30% of the total population, and some people begin to use packaged drinking water as the only source of drinking water. Under such a large industrial and market background, safe drinking water and healthy drinking water have become a topic of widespread concern

zhaoyali said that the development of enterprises and brands has its own internal laws and cannot be achieved overnight. Zhaoyali believes that new investors may have a fluke mentality, hoping to rely on the concept of surprise, which is difficult to achieve a brand

it is reported that all kinds of packaged drinking water that can be directly drunk in sealed containers after being treated by filtration, sterilization and other processes shall comply with the national standard general rules for beverages (gb1078 2007). Bottled drinking natural mineral water, drinking natural spring water, other natural spring water, drinking purified water, drinking mineral water, and other packaged drinking water are all the same in terms of water replenishment effect, although they have different water sources, tastes and water treatment processes

drinking water is to replenish water. Do not expect to achieve any health care effect by replenishing water. Jiangzhuoqin, Professor of Nutrition Department of Sun Yat sen University, said in an interview with the new express that no matter what kind of water it is and where the water source is, consumers first consider whether it is safe, rather than other added value

researcher Ge Keyou, honorary chairman and chief consultant of the Chinese society of nutrition, also said that drinking water is to get water, not to get nutrients. Human nutrients are mainly obtained by food. The mineral water is good, with minerals, yes, with minerals, but it is not so good that the transformation of the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system by water has become an important issue to be solved urgently. The minerals in the water meet the needs of the human body. The mineral content in the water is still very limited

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